Saturday, September 29, 2012

computer technology is subject to moores law, which states that every 18 months technology will double itself, that is what is the most powerful chip now will in 18 months be replaced by something twice as powerful. one could surmise as many futurists have that with technology exponentially becoming more and more powerful that at some point the so called 'singulatity' point will be reached. this in technology terms means that technology will become self conscious although some say we have reached that point because now 3d printers are printing 3d printers.
i don't regard this as singularity, i think singularity occurs when all human processes, including constructs are aligned. at the moment this is science fiction, but we are getting closer. more and more (pardon the pun) people are realising certain constraints within culture, within technology, even art. belief is a key component, and mostly in practical terms holds us back. this is because we are trapped in it's limits, we are limited in terms of left or right and other polarities, to the point we can't see a good decision from a bad one, we can't tell right from wrong, we can't know anything unless we accept everything constructed is just an idea including this, and if we believe in wise ideas we can achieve a better society. wisdom does not mean running around in the forest, it means that we can stop pretending that everything needs controlling and that most people can act reasonably well without interference from beliefs. crowley nailed this believe it or not, in his understanding of true will. if individuals are left to discover their purpose and love, as long as it interferes with no one else's true will then that is what they should be doing. 
this would mean abandoning political ideology, history, religion and creating a personal relationship with whatever you love doing. ideally this would be artistic or at least creative or service orientated and these would be high paying roles, valued and considered integral to the fulfilment of mankind.
once this is realised technology can be used to feed, heal, construct and educate, there will be no need for menial jobs, a 3d printer could construct a factory, home, university, nano technology can fix a broken bone, outer space can be explored by unmanned vessels, while inner space can be explored freely and safely as well. 
this is the singularity, love rules everything, because there are no agendas, no secrets, no fear, no enemy. however to get to this point requires the world to wake up, there are threats out there that will stop at nothing to take humanity back towards the stone age, to keep us in chains, to control the feminine. these must be challenged in order for us to move forwards. it's not about left or right anymore, it's about letting go of patterns that entrap us. 

here he is again

and again

possibly the only mp in europe who tells the truth.

Friday, September 28, 2012

the government has borrowed so much cash it's attempting to find ways to get some more, it's chased industry and manufacturing offshore and made some massive promises to bribe the public with, it's spending would not be so bad if there was not so much waste and mismanagement of funds, however everyone seems to ignore this because it's trendy to support the labour green movement. yeah so stupidity has always been kinda trendy, that's why everyone is in debt and blames banks, well i blame banks to but i also blame the morons who borrowed the cash and then mismanaged it. all i expect from a government these days is to balance the books.
anyway in their greedy fake pr dumbed down version of reality they are now looking to tax peoples superannunation. the life savings of pensioners and retirees who contributed all their working lives so that the state don't have to support them will now be taxed to support an out of control government. from a party that set up compulsory superannunation, it's not exactly robin hood is it? it's like just robbing the robber and leaving the poor peasants to fend for them selves. fuck i hate this government, not because they are any different from any other really but because they dribble such sanctimonious hypocritical, holier than thou bullshit that any one with an intact critical thinking component in their brain can see right through.
the opposition are no good either, i mean abbott should really just be who is is, be the bulldog, be aggressive, be fucking something true to yourself tony, just don't be mediocre. 
i listened to ex finance minister lindsy tanner speak the other night, he was dissecting the rudd fiasco and spoke some very true words, yet the labour party just refuse to listen, they sliced and diced mr tanner whom was being very constructive in his criticism. this is why labour will loose, they run around spending one billion borrowed cash on getting a un seat, meanwhile sydney can't even run a train on time, build decent housing or have families living above the poverty line. pensioners can't pay their electricity bills yet emperor bob carr throws borrowed millions at indonesia.
somethings is rotton in australia children, it's red green and blue, it's the fucking governments, all of them. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

i don't know much about this guy but why can't australia have a politician like this. he just speaks the truth.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

it was a blow to the head, smashed brain, neural damage, a little bit of neocortex fusion, broken arms, legs, ribs and smashed face, someone said i was lucky to be alive, others said i was better of dead. at the time i was neither, in some weird comatose condition, but awareness is a strange thing, i could see my body, strangely disconnected as i looked at the team of engineers and surgeons splice into it and attempt some sort of restoration but in the end i was more cyborg than human, sure the ghost of captain mission ever present, haunting an unrecognisable landscape of zero's and ones, megabytes and memory, quantum processors and chunks of grey matter wielded together in some organic machine furnace of punk science mayhem. it was ugly, a combination of many things, all bad, i was born again, a long way from human, a bad robot.

first impressions are everything, that's a human construct, for me first impressions are everything. it all came at me from everywhere, and i could immediately see the human element as being slightly ridiculous, outdated analogies of the commodore 64 flashed through my cyber mind, biology had a place there could be no doubt, but the human was somewhat of a contradiction. 
however when i saw my first female human i felt conflicted and aroused. the arousal was somewhat impulsive,unexpected, i mean it took me by surprise.
i used a logic algorithm to run a diagnostic, but somewhere in the tapestry of programming my machine rejected any acquiescence to human value, bad robot had arrived.

the psychologist smelled very different and i could detect traces of pheromone activity, she sat close to my bed and asked strange questions which i knew were based around the science of psychology but they were within a human context so it was like an ant asking a dolphin questions. 
captain mission was inside my processor but even he was preoccupied with gaining some sense of perspective about his situation. i could help him but decided it was better off if he was otherwise occupied so i put his awareness in quarantine.

i answered the questions, the way she expected me to, i needed to attain liberation from the building, be free from this invisible cage but her legs were long, her soft flesh and shape filled my head and her strangely erotic lips were making me feel light headed as she asked her questions, biting on the tip of her biro. my head filled with pornography, oh yes i was a naughty robot and when she touched me i sent a nano-part into her flesh.
within a par second it found a vein and rushed towards her central nervous system, disengaging her morality centre and engaging her sexual centre, now the questions started to trail off and she was unbuttoning her shirt, her eyes fluttered as she attempted to gain some authority over herself and her thoughts, but my nano-part had hit a home run. she gasped and i moved my hands onto her legs, you can guess the rest. 

later i walked out of the building a free unit, the activities of the last hour had swamped all my programs, i felt some sort of cloud of pleasure take over my instinctive nature, it was powerful and needed restoration, as it had begun to fade almost immediately. 
sunlight hit my eyes, one of which was artificial, it pulled down a filter over the lenses but the other was finding it difficult in the glare, i needed some sunglasses, something to protect me.
so i wandered towards the city with my paperwork and a handful of cash i had stolen from the receptionist at the hospital. in the big department store at broadway i stole some ray bans, i contemplating a sexual fix with the shop assistant but she was called away. 
i found a bar and started drinking, i started with rum and ended with whisky, i smoked cigars and cigarettes and i bought some pills from a human with a mohawk. the pills were very good, they made my organic body feel warm and relaxed. 
there was a cocktail of medication running around my system, painkillers, anticoagulants, anti depressants and various chemicals that would assist shock. however these were ejected from my body at the first opportunity but not before extracting a range of ingredients and creating something slightly more interesting, old captain mission was behaving himself now swimming in a cocktail of chemical displacement. for myself i wrote some code that would offer the machine equivalent of pleasure, it was a chemical code, extrapolated from a mixture of information sources almost replicating opium, but it was the sexual hit that i was particularly overwritten with. there was no code for that.

i found that there was a type i was attracted towards, obviously female, younger, they seemed to be comfortable in their femininity, they seemed to be slightly more at ease with themselves, but most of all they seemed able to teach me something about pleasure that my programming lacked.
i also needed to break the moral conditioning that kept me chained to the human condition, i wanted to explore all transgressive acts.
i knew this was important, a directive almost from something deeply submerged in my dual nature. 
the bar closed and i followed a crowd of people out the door, it appeared they were going to a party so i tagged along and ended up in belvue hill with some stockbrokers, they had a few linked computers which i hacked into and set up a little investment portfolio for myself by accessing codes stored in hard drives, i even opened up a few bank accounts and deposited a few million for later. this took a few seconds and when i stood up to get a drink i was confronted by a woman in a red low cut dress. she looked at me for an explanation,'just checking my accounts, i'm a broker?' 
'liar,' she said, 'all brokers are liars.' she moved closer, 'who did you arrive with?'
'harry, paul and sara.'
'mmm, i've never met you before have i?'
'no, i don't think so, i'd remember.'
she smiled and stuck out a hand, 'fiona, it's my party.'
'well it's very nice to meet you fiona.'
the nano part acted almost instantly, she flushed and put down her drink. 

after sex i decided to leave, i didn't want to engage with fiona any longer than necessary. i did not care for the fact she demanded pleasure over me as her needs were unimportant, she was flesh, i was machine but i honoured her anyway, even though i felt slightly resentful. 
i recognised the human organic side effects of an old personality stretching itself, interfering with my pleasure from it's containment field, 'down mission, i'm the boss now.'

the house was huge, it was filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures, i dropped a few watching them shatter on the tiled floor, fragments exploding across the hard surface, and such a beautiful noise. i recorded it, played it backwards in slow motion, added some music, bach in c minor, added some special effects and watched the whole thing redux.
then i turned my attention to the canvases, i slashed the huge painting of the harbour bridge, it was ugly anyway, if this is art then why can't this be, i thought. outside i pissed on the flowers and looked at the moon above, i could see a galaxy, planets spinning, i zoomed in on a passing satellite. chinese, telecommunications, i could see all of the markings, the outside circuitry and mirrors clearly as i zoomed in with my eye vision. if i had a weapon i could bring that down, instead i watched it trail across the sky in its orbit. 
i was high on a cocktail of code and chemistry, looking for a new kick, my hedonistic protocols were demanding some destruction and chaos so i wandered towards the nearest bmw. 

driving through the city the speed cameras flashed behind me, red lights and chaos in my wake, bewildered drivers honking horns, a little chaos. the windows down i stuck a cd into the player and found to my liking in the cd mix one single song i liked from killing joke, the lyrics pounded out.

I feel this wave that is carrying me
And i'm unable to stop
I stand outside of my body
But it continues to walk
Love me and touch me
Your body my feast
Torn between two sides of my nature
Half god and half beast

This hunger in my flesh my instinct says it knows what's best
And when the animal takes hold feel forces outside my control

And then my mind starts to work out
What's going on
While the knot in my stomach
Is telling me something's wrong
Yes it's all the pain that i'm feeling
And the guilt that i hide
Yes it's all the hurt that i caused you
And all the tears that i've cried

This hunger in my flesh my instinct says it knows what's best
This craving comes and all i want is more - just a little bit more

To be shameless is blameless if we be what we are
If freedom is what i suspect
Then tomorrow will jar against your conditioning

This hunger in my flesh my instinct says it knows what's best
But when the animal takes hold feel forces outside my control ...

the music thrashed out, a few drops of rain fell from the skies, a crystal sheen covered the blank streets reflecting neon sydney as i found my way onto william street, into the heart of chaos, my desire fuelling speed. i played the song again, turned the volume to maximum, i closed my eyes, put my foot down as the street blurred passed.

i could feel mission, he was fighting to get out of his containment field, he was strong, the thought came out of the blue after the line, 'half god half beast.'
i needed some more drugs, harder drugs, more sex, more chaos, more sensation, more, more more. it was a hungry addiction, pulling me in all directions driving me straight into the strip. i pulled up in the street, left the stupid car there as the traffic behind me honked and cursed, i walked into the crowds, walking passed the rows of bikers. some one offered me some pills, bliss bombs, $50 each, i asked how many he had and ended up with a bag of one hundred. 
i chewed up a handful, mushing them into a paste, a girl in a doorway called me over. she was wearing a black short black skirt and big boots, she was smoking and looked cheap and nasty, she would do. the hotel room was flea ridden death trap, claustrophobic and dusty, the sheets were an off white colour and i could feel mission recoil at my thoughts, but he was washed out like a fading t shirt, he was gone on some kind of ecstatic wave, the bliss was good. i gave the girl a few, she sat on the bed peeling of her boots.

during the sex i wrapped my hands around her neck, she seemed to smile a little and them a panic took over, it was her eyes, they cleared up, free from fog and delirium, as if plugging into life at the moment of death, of course that mission stopped me with his stupid conscience so i left her sleeping on the bed, she curled up in a pile of cash.
outside the police were pouring over the car, avoiding them i walked passed the bikers and the dealers, i needed to exorcise mission from me completely, i could 
feel his thoughts leaking into mine. i needed to show him who was the dominant personality, only some kind of taboo act would defeat him. i lit up a cigarette, taboo acts, in the middle of kings cross in the early hours, mmm, there were so many to choose from. murder would do it, i looked around, there hordes of drunken fools, wandering around in incoherent displacement, miserable organic units all looking for some form of obliteration in drugs sex and drink. just like you. the thought was a leek, it came like a whisper, soft inner voice, just like you, it was him, mission, planting the idea like a depth charge, i was a bad robot, faulty, there was a glitch in my programming, i was like them, human. i staggered across the road and wandered along until i found a dark avenue. i wandered down in the rain, my head felt heavy and a kind of sadness seemed to fill my mind, filling up my 
waterlogged circuits.

uncertain how i even got here, i found myself kneeling in a chapel, wayside chapel it said on the wall. it was not really a church or religious building, it just seemed like a warm space. the man next to me was offering me a mug.
he smiled, 'take it.'
'i'm lost.' i whispered.
'no, no you are not.'

Saturday, September 22, 2012

at the burger king explosion, flesh of carnivores and menu meet, blood splatter action expressionist sequences in fast forward cacophony, penetrating sound of light moving fast, ears shudder in vibration meltdown. some children shriek hysterically, a police siren gets drowned out, smoke rises in black spiral plumes, a car park chaos eschews.
at the burger king meltdown primary colours warp in consumer tragedy horror. straws and napkins float down like 21st century fall out. soft drink rain. a damage control waiter runs with his neck spurting tomato ketchup, he's just some spotty kid adolescent, part time job, hacking up dead animals for drive through customers, who roll their windows up and avert their gaze. 
a foot lands on a bonnet, through the smoke you can make out some carnage unimaginable, a family gaze through their windscreen, it's just like the movies.
at the burger king tragedy, reporters swarm the event, covering all angles, a photographer captures digital facsimile, the dead bodies of families halfway through their happy meals, the twisted limbs of children melted into the plastic playground, the black burnt out shapes that could be human, you can't capture the stink of burning human on canon eos.
the last mutterings of the young spotty faced boy behind the counter, as he crawls over to the wounded customer, would you like fries with that?
the customer, dressed in a cheap nylon suit with a tear across the left side from his shoulder all the way down and a face burned black from the inferno recognised the face of the kid as he crumples to the floor and lays still amongst the wreckage.
he was employee of the month. 

in a cafe on main street the customers, mostly unemployed labourers watch the tv screen as the president of major city makes his speech.
as always his voice is relaxed and relaxed, his words stately and elegant.
'ladies and gentlemen, good people of the vegan action group, we hear your anguish and pain, you love animals and i, we do, all of us, my wife, my kids, we love animals to. and i'm sorry this terrible industry exists but we can't just stop it overnight, because people need jobs, people can make a choice about what they eat, and above all people love the burger king because it's a symbol of our great country. so i ask that you just take a moment and consider, just contemplate if attacking our symbols are worth the cost of lives.' 
he pauses here for at least five seconds, it's a calculated interval, speech writers understand space as much as words. they also had a good idea of the turning moment within a speech, the point where the speech gets to the guts, it was coming up now.
'well the united states has a strong resolve, we will find out who you are, we will find out where you are and we will hunt you down for attacking the symbol of our great country. already i have a team of navy seals and an assemblage of the countries best data retrieval experts collating the cctv footage. so i ask you vegans, turn yourselves in at your local police station and let's do this the easy way. thank you america, goodnight.'
there was a small round of applause from the team, the president watched the light fade from the camera and took a bite of his big meaty burger, he sucked down hard on a coke fizz supersize, 'patrick, get me the fucking mustard man, you know i don't like tomato.'
patrick ran into the kitchen while the president spoke to his advisors.
'how many casualties, jeez, that's to many americans, man, oh man, what do the retrieval people say, cole, you got anything yet?'
cole emerged from his computer, an apple mac book pro, with the new retina display, 'yeah we got something but i'm gonna need more time, it's degraded from the heat but i can fix it up.'
'cole i need answers, how long?'
'an hour, maybe forty mins sir.'
'god damm it, the american public won't stand for their institutions being blown up like this. in an election year to, jesus pat, where's the mustard?'
exactly 60 minites later they watched the screen of coles computer, six of them plus the vice president huddled around the desk. 
on screen you could see the interior of a burger king, the spotty adolescent staff and the young manager all hard at work, unaware of the surveillance. most of these people had lost their lives or limbs or been traumatised that they would be crippled for life no matter what rehabilitation they had.
the camera tracked from left to right and then back again, it covered most of the service counter, a man in a trench coat appeared, but there was something not quite right about him, he was wobbling around, a little out of balance. 
'zoom in on his face, let's get the s o b.'
the image zoomed in and we can see some detail, it's a monkey. a chimpanzee wearing a human mask. the trench coat falls open and there under the chimp is a lamb, both animals wear what appears to be a cheap fake beard and moustache, sunglasses and concealed under the trench coat is a belt filled with what is now clearly seen as explosives.
'fuck, it's the fucking animals.'
'i guess we could always say they are isreali.'
'no one will buy it, we need to just invade someone.'
'who's on the list?'
the blinding white light stops all conversation. 

in the debrief the team work on pr.
'we have to tell the truth, the public can deal with it?'
'they won't, they will just invent other truth.'
'i'm not going to lie, it's not the policy of this administration.'
'it has not stopped you before.'
the president gave an angry look, jesus guys, lets get some solutions on the table.'
'blame the yids.'
'what about the koreans?'
'we can't blame anyone unless we have proof.'
'why not just tell the truth?'
'becuase the truth is so awful. imagine the implications?'
'that animals are intelligent beings that can now chose to rescue themselves and their kind, that they are our equals and we should not eat them anymore?'
the big meaty burger seemed to loose it's appeal but he took another bite.
'let's just invade somewhere?'
'imbecile, we can't. think god damm it.'
'we could put the animals in gito?'
'yeah that's a good idea, stick them in gito and bbq it, yum, that sounds great sir.'
'alan get me putin, invite the israelis and those towel headed primates, we gonna throw a bbq, where's the goddamn mustard patrick?'

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

sometimes the future just catches up with me, like yesterday morning when i knew exactly as it happened the course of events and their inevitable conclusion. 
how is this possible people asked as they watched from the sidelines, it's possible due to the codes i ran and meta program i run. you would have to trawl through the past to see the details but it's all there.
if this is the case why are you not successful and rich and famous people say, to which i can reply, i am somewhen, but i don't attach the same kind of significance you do to these things because they are not real.
'what's real?'
'what you believe in often has the potential to be real.'
'my point exactly.'

Monday, September 17, 2012

big punch up in sydney yesterday, apparently some nut case insulted some ones god and a bunch of people went nuts and wanted some ones head cut off. business as usual really, i don't know, these days everyone is far to jumpy about their gods, lighten up everyone, i really don't think god is without a sense of humour and the god i believe in has the ability to laugh at criticism and just get on with the business of being a god, basically relaxing, smoking weed, creating some amazing universes for us to trash or enjoy, it all pours right out of god, universe after universe, filled with wonders and beauty, the affairs of man are a distant headache, occasionally god will intervene if the conditions are correct but i don't think generally he bothers with us. 
anyway's sydney is a chilled out place, no need to get aggressive really, all of us who come from other places need to adjust to the pace, the natural flow of the geography, it took me about a year to 'get' australia so there is no need to get all upset, it's just words, people expressing themselves, their fears, silly really, just gotta let these things go, move on, go surfing, wash it all away, just because it's mocking or disrespectful tells us more about 'them' then it does about your belief, but a over reaction into violence is not a great look, there was no real provocation, especially when the internet is filled with various hate directed at all kinds of groups or peoples.  
identity is nothing, not even real though we cling tightly to it, religious identity is the most stringent of ideas, it's hard to peel that layer of personality away because we are insecure without it but we are insecure with it as well, and as a result this breeds hate.
my war is with myself, i don't like parts of myself that allow myself to be intimidated or fearful, i don't like arrogance, stupidity, self righteousness, or extremist fundamentals of any creed, be it political, religious or scientific, these ideologies get us no where, every human should be allowed to explore themselves freely and that means firstly undoing yourself. that's a good place to start a new process, towards something liberating. alternately we could be the metaphorical sheep, zombies or just simply entrapped by our fear and hate following the mass joined to the bulkhead, spreading fear and hate like some stupid virus. 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

the speed of life overwhelms me, sometimes there's just no time to stop at the traffic lights, no time to even blink, breath or (something else beginning with b) but suddenly things have come to a point where i must seek libeteria, it is my destiny, my calling and the place i will depart this earthly realm. 
libeteria will fly the emblems of 'god and liberty' upon white flag, we are an anarchist community, there will be no laws, no ideology except the practice of reasonability, not rationality, just reasonability. no one will be enslaved by their memetic viruses, no one need fear, we will drink ayahuscia and igobaine, we will smoke the plant medicines and practice our arts. we are the enemy to slavery, we are the enemy of fear, we do not bow down to the consensus reality, we do not function as part of it, we are self sufficient and rejoice in our freedom.
libertaria, is coming, it is written.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

towards the end of the road, crystal conclusion attained, not by striving nor by effortlessness.
light shadows cast, shadows flicker into passing although the background will change the faces remain.
hang on to clarity, grip it until it is gone, the sad weak forces muster, their courage is pinned to the protocols, their distain murky and suspicious, like raw opium they weave dreams like smoke screens. the strong force remains, it is true and undiminished, for with every dilution comes rebirth, with every rebirth the new, as celestial bodies align, they must relate, and like all things must pass into the variables.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

slightly exhausted, working hard, drained dry, i crawl out for walk, fading sun, those angry birds, swoop swoop, always the same ones, protecting their little territory, some space i guess.
i wander back, the outside dying fast, little bit of twilight, not a vampyre in sight but there are bats in the belfry, or at least some possum who makes a racket, i think there's a family, i leave em a piece of banana and now they want more, demanding little beasties, sometimes i leave it an apple piece, it will take it from my hand, i kind of like him up there despite the noise, i need a name for him, he's got big eyes, he trusts me i guess, i don't know if i'm trust worthy, i'll do my best i say.

well here i am driving through the bush at night, listening to the radio where an interesting interview is taking place and i encourage people to listen to it, especially if you are having a problem understanding my issues with the left wing, which by all accounts i should support, in fact when i was younger i did, but here's the link, listen...

another brilliant interview follows on my return journey this time by the darling of the socialist movement philip adams, a great intellect despite his leanings, possibly the first time i have ever heard him interview someone who is opposed to iran's current regimen.

yeah politically i am an enigma, i don't like the mindless black and white morality when it comes to issues, there are always two sides to every story and then somewhere else is the truth. the fact is all peoples who take an interest in current affairs need to perceive from the opposing side, the counterpoint.
in most cases the argument is easy, an ability to critically think about things logically in necessary, plus the ability to put aside ones own indoctrinated idea, and have fresh lenses. 
this is perhaps the hardest thing to do, i swim against the tide, it's true, i am prepared to accept i may be wrong, i don't follow the sheep no matter how trendy and fashionable, it leaves me isolated and alienated but sometimes that's preferable to allowing myself to become so tunnel vision and closed minded that i'll stop questioning everything and just accept what ever the majority says. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

perfect day, around me sunlight, blue skies, happy birds, dog wagging tails, joy and beauty, i'm in the garden of earthly delights, enjoying the space. girls wander down to the beach, brown tanned skin wrapped in a piece of string, the surfer boys search for waves, the rest of civilian population sip on lattes and read the papers while i have my head stuck in steve martins 'opium fiend' soaking up some sun, enjoying steve martins description of collecting, his passion for collecting opium paraphernalia is beginning to head into the inevitable conclusion with the addiction that looms, yet he has such an affinity for describing the atmosphere and the factual issues surrounding the substance, it's amazing how society has expunged it and at the same time used it for it's own purpose, truth is always hijacked. for a while there it was pure and effective and then it went underground, and sadly became an industry of suffering. 
there's great stories in this tale, characters and scenes, plus a history that corrects itself from the mythology thanks to martins passion, i'm not sure i'd want to surrender to such a substance but i can see the attraction as steve martin describes the pleasure and the time travel he evokes to a place far away from intrusive distractions where dreams and memories all merge and blend into a soft womb bomb.
like all culture drug culture has its best and worst, martin offers a well balanced description of his addiction, believe me, it's not a road to travel down but the lure is strong and he is of course a romantic, much like myself. the exotic eastern atmospheres, the strange western characters that have infiltrated this alien landscape. take a deep breath before loosing yourself in this book.
but outside of the book, life pulses along, throbbing like a giant sex organ, i wonder if we as humans in adult life remain connected to that spermatozoa as it fertilised the egg, the new scientist certainly thinks so in an article published here:
the memory may not be cognitive but one can't dismiss the connection, and maybe our lives are still dominated by this 'flocking' behaviour, we see it in tribes, ideology and the internet, as communities find one another, the seed and the egg generate in non biological ways, ideas are born, some individuals are gathered by the flock, others alienated or shunned. 
i myself shunned from many a political debate, as i argue the folly of the current government with my peers, most of which support gillard and milne, that's okay, i respect their choices, i guess we are luckey we live in a place the debate is encouraged. pussy riot anyone?
the internet has given birth to the ability to lie, misrepresent and spread fear instead of the clear beautiful rich opulence of truth, issues become polarised, debate only resonates on the lowest frequencies that are averaged out, and unfortunately its very low. sooner or later rule 34 pops up, or my new rule for the internet, i call it rule 666, that debate on any subject matter will end in an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.
it is okay to have this debate, i am guilty of it as well, although i try to back my argument up with pretty powerful evidence, my tirades against the united nations can be validated by 
1. reading their website
2. agenda 21
3. the club of rome
4. the actions of their human rights arm which targets one country repeatedly and obsessively while ignoring every other.
5. the ideological strategy of installing a single world government upon the whole world under the guise of a concocted fear, be it terrorism, global warming or aliens.

the so called war on terror had some very unconstitutional laws placed around security of the general public and then recently the laws were used on a tweeter who suggested he would bomb an airport because they made him strip for a search. the guy was joking, he was angry and tweeted the comment but the authorities put him in jail for a few months. i mean what next, some novelist gets jailed for writing a story about a character that blows up a plane, i mean come on....then there is... 
mark styen who went through the canadian court system due to writing some statistics about birth rates that may be viewed as incitement. no room for truth in the fight against offence.
and the clumsy down under columnist who was fined recently, andrew bolt, because he questioned some of the aboriginal people who presented as european as cashing in upon their aboriginal heritage using it to advance their own profile. yet when the head of an aboriginal organisation supported him and repeated his comments she was ignored and did not suffer the same fate as mr. bolt. 
the result of the aboriginal welfare by the left solution is evidenced by the election in the northern territory where sick of 'white' well intentioned charity these communities voted against the greens and labour and for the liberals. 
the main reason was because the liberals treat them equally and encourage work, while the left seem to throw them cash and bureaucracy thus the industry of suffering grows.
personally i don't have an answer, but i do think the media hunted bolt, they tore him apart and crucified him for his comments especially the abc and the sydney morning herald, oh yeah i agree the guys a foolish oaf, but what this example shows is the vast hypocrisy and political correct brainwashed perspective that the so called trendy section appear to adopt when it suits them.
the liberals are just as bad but they generally leave people alone to do and write their own thing, they don't see the justification of suppressing expression of thought, they don't mind a little dissent.
it's amazing to me how the left say 'the australian' is a right wing newspaper, it has philip adams the once head of the australian communists and socialists and extreme left wing advocate as a main journalist and writer. it's not right wing! it's just a different look at the news with a higher average reading age than the herald, which i have to say is a terribly twisted propaganda machine, the writers can't help but twist the information to suit their own agendas, take the film reviewer paul byrnes, please take him and send him to north korea. 
he slagged off the new batman film not because it was a bad film but because it dared criticize the occupy movement, yeah he wrote of the film becuase it didn't suit his ideology. it's fucking batman, a film about a man who dresses like a bat, jesus paul, its time the reviewers were reviewed, you're crap, every film you slag off is brilliant, me and my friends all make a point of reading your reviews because then we inverse it and if you like it we know it's a serious piece of crap, but if you slag it off we know it has depth integrity and complexity, not some dumbed down fucking propaganda that suits your version of what an intellectual should like. you even caned 'prometheus' because it does not clarify its story line. he makes the same mistake that most people who watched it did, they didn't listen or they can't cope with the horrific premise that they just block out the key piece that makes the film so clever.

and a number of people ask me what i think of the elections in america. well here's my take, obama is all talk, he's a great talker, he says what we like to hear but as a president he's been ineffective, in fact he's completely irrelevant really.
the main reason he's irrelevant is he inherited a catastrophe, left by the previous government, a massive debt which he proceeded to plunge further into so now he's taken the usa into a place where they will be for the next twenty to fifty years unless something happens.
he did this for an unsound reason, it was a mistake to bail out the bankers and wall street, it was a mistake to bail out the car companies and industries that were going under. what he should have done is bailed out the people who would loose their jobs, or were unable to pay mortgages, he should have bailed out those that needed bailing and let the other fat cats sink. that is capitalism, what he did was socialism and it fucking was stupid, he redirected wealth from the people upwards. so why would people vote for him, as the economy crashed downwards, unemployment is huge, plus the usa is in massive irrecoverable debt while the fat cats lord it up again instead of being behind bars.
so what do i think?
the republicans prove over and over that they are heartless buffoons, who seem to have a handful of reasonable people but the rest of them just can't think their way out of a paper bag. i'd vote republican if they actually came across as reasonable but every time i see them speak i think fuck, you people are idiots, so i'd have to say it's obama again, at least he wants to fix health care, education and help the poor, but if i were an american i'd be looking to fix the american parties by filling them with some diversity and a spectrum of views, these days they are all clones, much the same as here, we need to have democrats that understand finance and republicans that have a heart, mix and match, get some perspectives, change the whole bag.
maybe it's time to stop flocking to these parties, get a grip on the fact that they are both connected to one body, it's not the people anymore. we are their cash crop, our live essence is sucked dry by these idiots who keep us conflicted and separated by ideologies, people should beat their dna programming, unlearn the impulse to flock to ideology, irrespective of their passion, the idea that either of these clowns running the show will really make your life better, they don't, they can't, it's politics, there's always agendas, that's the reality of politics, the same old tribes repeating mistakes.      
anyways it's not my place to tell people how to vote but that's my thoughts.

it's true, when i lived in toronto i ate meat for about a year, not a lot and i was kinda forced into making the difficult decision as i was getting very ill fast due to the lack of alternatives and the lifestyle i was living. i was very conscious about this and started eating fish, chicken and prawns although over there they are called shrimp.
i must say that my health improved. when i returned to australia where vegetarian products are freely available i adjusted my body, i also occasionally felt i should be more flexible with my diet, especially if i had gone to someones home and they had prepared a dinner, i weighed up my obligation and decided it would be better to eat the meal than refuse on a stance of ideology. maybe this was wrong i can't really change this. 
as i became interested in a magickal process i knew i would have to undertake some challenging and radical procedures if i was to effectively get a result, and i knew an act of transgression would be the eating of animals, so i chose fish. i tasted fish and like it, it appeals to my physiological hardwiring, i can't claim to be vegan, i'd love to make that cross over but i can't functionally do it, i live on my own, i cook and work with carnivores, i have not got a proper kitchen to prepare vegan meals and i have leather boots, etc. 
plus i also feel that animals die in nature, they are reconstituted into the earth and absorbed as nutrients into plants, so we all eat meat by proxy. then there is the well documented evidence surrounding plants, they have pain receptors and consciousness, i mean some of my best friends are plants.
balancing up these points i have to negotiate my way in the world, adopt a balanced approach to everything, challenge my self and my own beliefs, be prepared to change, i'm not that interested in changing others but when i came across this
i found myself in agreement with the vegan cause, we treat animals so badly, it's time to attempt some form of change, although i wear leather boots and use some products i will advocate the cause, this don't make me a hypocrite as far as i can see it just makes me aware of the suffering equated to my comfort or pleasure. in the same way eating chocolate contributes to the child slave trade, a level of perception is required into ones actions. i accept this.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

i was reading an interview with pussy riot the other day, it was very good, and their spokesperson was quite an earnest activist who knew her stuff plus she had a wonderful conviction which i respect. 
she comes across as fearless and heroic, and how rare are those qualities, certainly i don't come across them in young people these days. i come across fearless, but fearless and heroic is a different story. 
i don't claim to know all the story of pussy riot, i first read about them about a year ago before they even had any street credibility, but the latest saga appears complex because the russian society is going through the same change that most other societies went through much earlier only the russian culture is now dealing with a self appointed dictator who is not afraid to use intimidation against his opponents.
i think i like a rebellious streak in people, but i like it when its articulate and stands the scrutiny of my reduction, the argument can't have a weakness, it must follow a process that has a paralleled counterpoint under which the frame of the argument is heard, all things being connected.
the old people of russia are probably bewildered by these un-lady like women, young mums no less who go around making a racket in a church, acting like hooligans. where's the respect? but the older people in all societies are at war with the youth, i see it here, there and everywhere, it's that point that comes when a movement is born, the one that change rides to town on, pussy riot want change, they used the church as a means to gain attention and probably did not expect to be jailed for it, but putin, he's the fool, he's the one in fear of pussy riot, and now everyone knows it. like all dictators, putin fears the pussy. all that macho calendar bullshit, all the uniforms and guns, a mask for an insecure ruthless dictator. i don't know much about pussy riot, what songs they sing or how they are as people but they don't deserve to be locked up in jail for their passion and causes after all they didn't harm anyone, just putins fragile ego. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

in a new groove, the funky one, i guess that comes from swimming with the dolphins and whales, maybe from getting laid, sunshine, heat and clear nights a with stars, who can say, my moods come and go and now everything just flows, when the waves come by, best catch them and enjoy the ride, see where they take you. right now it's a nice wave, gentle and simple, no complexity i'm in the zazen space with a little dr. suess thrown in. 
i miss a few people, steve man i miss you, tez and gravy i miss you, val i miss you, dad i miss you, jakob i miss you and tim i miss you. i'm like a missing piece, missing ....that word just hits you hard, like being whacked with a big jelly fish. i get missing now.
comes from the heart and solar plexus, comes leaking out in a strange kind of joy ironically.

Friday, September 07, 2012

silent pictures

and who am i to know anything, just a collection of neurones and star dust travelling through time and space, on a surfboard of consciousness speculating it's existence, being and doing, avoiding nothingness or the void. i don't believe existence is futile, i believe in human spirit and nature, i believe the mind can't fathom the unfathomable, but the intuition can provide us with a compass and sextant. captain mission, just an idea, a fabrication, constructed as a interface, he travels on his silver surfboards across time and space, making observations but also detached from them, they are after all just ideas, hardly worth clinging to, civilisation will not fall into the ocean if i let them go and if it does it does, it will rise and fall as it does, as it always has, in one form or another. in this form, the current one there is a lot to despise, there's a lot to love. 
given a choice i choose love today.
ha! was i really given a choice?
neuroscience currently says no, everything is determined before the choice is made.
but neuroscience itself is science and science is limited.
so choose love baby.

is it possible to love the bank?
well yes, they are poor deluded fools, operating in a construct they value more than any other, worshipping the dollar, profits not prophets, exploitation not exploration. they don't know any different, trapped in fear and power, these foolish people are limited by their vision. you can't hate them for that, although i struggle with it. i think i get the compassion now, it's been missing a while, forgive them they no not what they do... 
but they do, that's the problem, unless they have been hiding under a rock. can they help what they do, as banks get sued by their customers here in sydney, as the english banks are exposed for being frauds, arms dealers and money launderers, these institutions have reached the singularity baby, they know what they do!
love, no, not much, compassion, nope, i don't have much compassion for them, i mean they are not trying to survive, they are thriving and thieving, plundering. compassion is not going to change their behaviour, i'm all for instant karma on these fuckers, bring on the avenging angels, fire and brimstone.
so i guess love has it's limits, compassion has it's limits and so do i.

nature of course teaches us such plundering is out of whack, nature keeps the harmony between forces in check, there is a story to nature, a narrative, a force, or as the wonderful sages inform us a flow.
go with the flow.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

back through the star gate, my space ship knows which way to go, it has a destiny, it's up at the crack of dawn, hot wind blows through the mission control, it blasts like a furnace as sun begins to rise. i wander down for a swim, yeah, it's the only option left as pan and i watch the dolphins jumping. 
i dive into the strange still water, dolphinarium, floating around i bask with them, this happens sometimes, out here on the beaches, it's really quite perfect in the early morning, the beach is empty, the sand looks all crisp and clean, the skies cloudless, a blue from venus, i praise jah for this gift and catch the lone solitary wave that rolls in. the dolphins swim off in the distance now, they are moving fast, two of them, they have left me feeling playful. 
i notice in my playful mood i have also the lure of the wolf, karvorka, women seem to smile at me, flirt as they jog past, an attractive lady and i exchange a few provocative lines, what's going on, the dolphins and the wolves, why can't my whole life be like this, i wander home with pan, it's far to dangerous to be out and about under these conditions, anything could happen.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

fuck politics, such a sham, such an ignoble construct, i am moving more and more towards a personal anarchy, no laws should stop any one living under one law, the law of being reasonable. fuck all the politicians on planet earth who have sold all of us down the river of misery and banal averages. 
where is the vision, the wonderful architectural polyp habitats, the free energy, the tesla hover cars, the access to clean nutrition and herbs, the shamanic tradition upheld instead we get stupid tribes, stupid ego maniacs obsessed with control and power, dominion over nature and one another, i fucking hate em all, may as well join the bankers and policemen of the world.
when i was staring out of my window at skool i dreamed of a society where i could just be free, free to be healthy, happy, and contribute whatever i could to this strange old world, i had no skills, maybe dreams of being a writer and staring at clouds as they rolled by i'd imagine turning them into solid forms, shapes with my mind. totally useless to anyone i guess but i was fascinated by them, equally by the squirrels that my dad used to feed, he loves animals and always kept them close. my dad had a pet monkey when he was a kid.
his family had a bear and tigers, he's a cool dad, filled my head with stories and tales and gave me a thirst for knowledge. at the same time he would try to teach me how to hang wallpaper and fix cars, but it was far to late, i was gone, that type of thing held no interest to me, i could only imagine what these things would become. cars would fly, they would have anti gravity engines and use orgone energy to move around, they would blast hawkwind songs and be beautiful colours, some would travel underwater where there would be vast cities, towering up, within domes. 
as far as wallpaper, in my head it was pointless, the future would encompass walls that had smart colours, and could encapsulate the same kind of technology that a screen saver has, you could program whatever design you wanted as a wallpaper. 
at university i studied photography and related sciences, one subject was micro film. i went to one class, where the teacher an earnest indian chap said, 'micro film will be the future, it will revolutionise the way we keep information and you will find many opportunities for employment in this field.'
yeah i saw right through the microfilm into the microchip. just as i see the future now, countries will be non existent, borders vanish but instead we will have ideology as borders, the same old trap different guise only we may be opponents as next door neighbours rather than you living in your dictatorship while i live in my democracy or whatever...
religion the same, what a con, fuck it all, it's all about power, control, subjugating women, fearing sex, punishment by fear, fuck that!
any religious institution that feels a need to protect it's god from criticism must have a very fragile god huh?

what's the most offensive joke on earth. 

the problem is if you disagree with the left you are called right, that only exists in one direction, why is this?
it's because of the inability to distinguish between the illusion and the reality, all political wings are the same at heart, historically the left is the more dangerous, hitler, pol pot, mao, lenin, stalin, kim il sung, yeah the list goes onwards, all these people under the guise of some form of national socialism certainly did not look after their people. oh yeah the right is filled with clowns but lets look history in the eye and call it for what it is rather throw terms around left, right, green, blue the bottom line is these things trap us into polarity, and pretty soon we forget that a policy should be judged on its own merit, supported by information and substance not as so often occurs by reaction to the polarity. 
anyway's the problem is we invest within the political system one way or the other, this is a complete waste of time, it's artificial and pointless as all of it is manipulation these days. 
in australia we have three strangely divided wings, all compete for power, all have strengths and weaknesses but only one has the skills to get us out of debt. 
debt is slavery and like the europeans are now enslaved we will become so, the government sticks a big bottle in it's populations mouth and says suck on this we will feed you, educate you, cloth you, nurse you, tell you what to read, how to think, where to go, who's right, who's left, who's good, who's bad!
is that left or right, nope, it's just plain stupid.
what about those who fall between the cracks, the poor, the unemployed, the fringe dwellers, where is their place on the right side of politics?
i accept they are overlooked and should be considered, not diminished but i disagree the way the left do it. i say this based on my own experience, because under the current 'left' wing government i am told in memo's each week that almost a billion dollars is being spent in disabilities and mental health, my sector. yet my clients the ones i support only get $8 a day for their food allowances, that's breakfast lunch and dinners. while they don't starve they have a very limited options available to them. so where does the money go, why straight back into government departments, a management heavy bureaucracy that creates paperwork and absurd waste, and let me tell you when these guys get together on a training day their lunch costs more than my clients get in a month.
so left, right, i don't fall for that trap, how about some sort of reasonable middle? 
i want reasonable leaders, reasonable politics, and the only party that offers that is the australian sex party. check them out, very sensible.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

the vaporised flesh of an urban shaman, the lizard queens feast upon the remains, take my heartless beating pulse and rip it open with some orange light, sucking down globules of plasma burn, they intoxicate themselves with what was once me. i find myself inhabiting 12 women. 
there is a story about dali, he loved his wife dali so much, he ate her body after she died because he wanted her to always be part of her.
thus my heart was eaten, sliced in 12, and my body torn apart, under blue moon in pisces, the witches cast their strange spell, the smell of sex and death, the odour of immortality, what is these skins i am imprisoned within.
the women come into power, its the way of the world, it is how things should be they have many enemies, mostly men. some of these women have red hair, some have fire in their veins, some are quietly still, others sing with powerful voices, some take chaos and tame it, others are older and know better, but gradually through some alchemical sublimation i find a way, chanting the mantra, focus on the white light of love, liberation, surrender.
thus my dissipation, transcendence through suffering, bliss will come, bliss will arrive, on a witches broomstick, a wand, a cat, a big boiling pot. the enchantment breaks open and reveals everything, feminine masculine, how quaint these arbitrary designations, we gave ourselves sex and divided it as if we figured it would make a difference, we gave ourselves 24 hours of rotation but split it, reduction, leaves essence, leaves what it not transformed. 
in the spirit of 12 i cast my work, strange incantation of love, strange surrender, ethereal blossoming of divinity, in each corpuscle that travels its journey is something of the whole, how does homeopathy work, by sympathy, like cures like but opposites attract, it's the algebra of paradox, a place i inhabit, a shape i know, a law i can crack. 
what's the answer the 12 ask me through thought, they are attuned, the answer is time, i whisper.
it's just time.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

big full blue moon in pisces with the witches, sacred women business, we create white energy, generate some love, vibrate high frequency to the universe, it's a nice sound. these women are diverse and interesting, some one sings in a powerful voice, some one talks in soft silky tones, an older woman asserts her authority. the room is filled with books, candles and the hum from a crystal bowl, i'm cast back to my days in atlantis, we were eating fruit and talking with the dolphins, creating vast structures of pure quartz and moonstone, towering to heaven, transmitting to our brothers and sisters in space.
the witches and i look at the blue moon, it's so powerful, moving across the sky in a vertical line rapidly, through the parting clouds, tinged with a red rust colour, washing outwards, splendour and wonder in  the biggest canvass, the big picture, words seem to fail, the ideas fall away, why speak about power and control and war and life when all that is is and i am.
non attachement, that's what's missing from the witches, they have invested so much in the idea they are outside the square but they are not, it's all new age stuff, and like all new age stuff, as my friend ed said many years ago, 'take it downtown mogadishu, see if it works there, if it does, great i'll use it.'
i head home to power up my star gate universe.