Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ah man, I am still pretty wiped out, my strange herbs and spices are keeping me ticking though. I have been reading the second part of Peter Hamiltons Commonwealth Saga, Judas Unchained. It was so long a wait beteen 1st and 2nd volumes that i had to re read the 1st one just to familiarise myself with the charachters.
I was supposed to recieve some artwork back from my amazing stylist today but she said shes going to mail it now, i noticed some thing i wanna change in it, its a small thing but its really annoying me. I drove past the asian supermarket and stocked up on Basil seed and honey drink, my fave liquid addiction.
As far as addictions go I perscribe to the RAW and Dr. Hyatt veiw that you really have to keep the body guessing, every thing that becomes a habit, break. Having said that there are things I am addicted to so heres the Top 10 in no particular order.

books (good ones)
the church (including solo stuff and side projects)
spirillina and seaweed (the perfect diet)
catching waves (the only time when i am both partical and wave, god bless the hand fin)
basil honey drink
french girls
creating (stories poems songs photo's paintings etc)
dmt (although this is not addictive at all, i love the place it takes me)
french girls and
did i mention the church

I was listening to 'Back with two Beasts' again, its pretty brilliant, gotta say, The Church don't ever disappoint me. What a brilliant band. They are the band that will write the soundtrack to my film.
There is no other band that can do it.
I recall meeting Peter Knoppes one day a few years back in Glebe and I said 'Man how come you guys don't write film soundtracks?'
He asked me what film would be suitable for their music and i really couldn't think of one on the spot. For about a couple of years i always had that mulling over in my head and then one day i decided i would just write one myself. Anyway its currently a work in progress but its looking pretty good.
Well I have neglected Pan, and he's giving me the look. Time to walk the dog. Here's something, maybe something Kabbalic, who knows these things?

city in the soul

we're on a road to the west
been driving for a while
past this great expansion
my how time flies by
some music on the airwaves
some drugs to ease this pain
the city is a creul mistress
that i will never see again

we are on a road to the east
uncharted territory
i never seen such things before
my how time has ceased
some connections run deep
under the surface they lie
i never felt so free
under these stars tonight

stopped in this place called nowhere
found some shelter in a storm
embraced the city in my soul
think i found my home
no structures to confine me
no shadow except my own
the simple uncomplicated breathing
the blood the breathe the bone

i found a city in my soul

Sunday, November 27, 2005

In the beginning i created a heaven, here it is, my world. I'd put an another earth in here, a few stars, some friendly animals and take the rest of the week off but thats all been done before and look at the mess we're in so i'll opt for simplicity. Anyways heres a song i wrote today, for a girl i know who says she suffers violent mood swings and has mpd, yeah sounds like most girls i know but this one takes epilum to balence her moods and says its the best thing that ever happened to her, Anyways she says she loves me but i think its the drugs talking, besides i never met her, shes my first internet girlfriend.
Instincts/ Intuition seems to scream. I think i'll invest in relationships based around pheremones like the good old days.

they say the stars are
made of jewels
they say the earth is
eclipsed by the moon
they say that love
is the game for fools
they say the mind
is enslaved by its moods

and i bring you liberty
i bring you a moment of peace
when all the lights go down
and my work is done

they say her whisper is sweeter
than the sirens song
they say her kiss is like the
taste of opium
they say she comes in both
a wave and a partical
they say her essence is non local

and i bring you liberty
i bring you a moment of peace
when all the lights go down
and my work is done

I'm slightly jaded from last nights party at Jaqs 40th. Agent Stone, aka Lulu and I enjoyed the attension, being a recluse these days it was the first time i had even socialized with anyone, bar the inner circle, for at least a year, i'd forgotten how much fun i can have in a room filled with lesbians. Just as I was leaving Jaq's funky girlfriend grabs me and says, 'Come on I'll introduce you to the straight girls' and led me to the garden where I watched an elecrical storm over sydney with three glamorous photography students. Coincidence, me , being a photograher of sorts. Anyways it was nice talking with the girls, watching the skies, wondering where the stars went.
While everyone was getting pissed on dumb drugs Lulu ended up taking me home. She looked pretty in her wig. I need to sleep now, big day surfing ahead, gotta finish some art work, work on my script and find a wormhole for my time machine